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Balloon Garland Tape 5m
Balloon Garland Tape 5m
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Balloon Garland Tape 5m

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Create your very own DIY balloon garlands using this 5m long tape. 

Simply blow up your balloons to varying sizes and thread the knotted balloon end through the larger hole in the tape, then push into the smaller hole.  Fill the large hole with another balloon.  Keep adding more balloons along the tape until you get your desired look.

The garland tape is reusable so make as many as you like!  A must have for 2020 birthday parties and celebrations

Length: 5m


How to make a balloon garland:

  • Purchase balloons in your colour theme - we recommend a varying selection of sizes between 5cm - 30cm.  Then add in some 60cm and 90cm balloons as the show stoppers
  • Inflate each balloon to the size you prefer
  • Cut the balloon tape to the length you require (if desired)
  • Insert the balloons into the balloon tape by pushing the knotted end through each large hole and snapping into You can add more than one balloon into each hole if required
  • Attach the garland to a wall or ceiling using sellotape, string or 3m hooks (not included)